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Victoria, writes a health and fitness blog

Victoria Burgess


Victoria is a 23-year-old, full-time working mum with a real love for health and fitness.

She feels really passionately about maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a mum, as not only is it beneficial to her, it also sets a good example to her one-year-old daughter, Erin.

Victoria writes a health and fitness blog and also run a fitness motivation social media page for women who want to lose weight and/or get fit.

Victoria is a self-confessed believer in ‘Girl Power’ and loves nothing more than inspiring and motivating other women to achieve their health and fitness goals, and equally loves being inspired and motivated by other strong women herself!

She love eating clean and cooking delicious healthy foods for her and her daughter and is always using different health foods and products to create new and exciting meals or snacks!

A real "gym bunny" and lover of all aspects of working out; cardio, weight lifting and HIIT workouts, Victoria also loves to find ways where she can exercise while with her daughter. Mainly to encourage women that they can still be fit and healthy when they have a baby and even better, share their journey with their baby.