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Lydia, an avid Bootea supporter is our latest blogger.


Lydia is 32 and lives in Lancashire, England with her fiancé.

She is an avid Bootea supporter, first falling in love with the products while working in Holland and Barrett.

Lydia still works there, and is often referred to as the 'Bootea Queen' because of how well she knows the products and how much she loves them!

A regular user of our teatox, as well as a huge lover of our popcorn, Lydia will be blogging about her fitness tips, her day-to-day lifestyle and giving hints and tips to people who are like her.

Lydia says: "If I can help one person feel better about themselves with some advice it makes my day. That's definitely part of my work satisfaction and I want it to be similar if someone reads a blog of mine.

"I've also come to learn through my weight loss journey it's not all about the number on the scale but how you feel mentally. And I'm all about spreading the love and positive energy."