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What to expect from Bootea?

For information about the specific products in our collection, hit the product page, where you will find customer reviews, nutritional information and much more.

What should I eat whilst on Bootea?

Bootea is not a magic formula or miracle solution - to get the best results, we'd always recommend accompanying your detox with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Why not check out our Bootea Body Kitchen Plan or one of our Bikini Plans for recipes and workout guides?

Will the tea affect my contraceptive pill?

Our teas may affect the accuracy of the pill. We cannot comment on other forms of contraception and would ask you to consult your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before starting a course of Bootea. 

All of our other products (including Shake, our supplements and our range of snacks) will not affect the accuracy of the pill and are safe to enjoy.

Can I take Bootea products if I’m conceiving, pregnant or breastfeeding?

We’re afraid we can’t comment on this conclusively. It’s best to consult consult your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before doing so to be sure.


Refunds are only available on Bootea products which have not been opened or used in any way. We can never refund you if your products have been opened under any circumstances. We are unable to give refunds on orders where incorrect addresses have been given.

Where do I enter my discount code?

Simply enter your discount code at last stage of checkout after entering all your payment details.

Please note that only one discount can be applied per order.

No discount code can be used in conjunction with promotional offers already on our website.

Question not answered?

Get in touch with us directly with any of your other questions and queries - we're here to help get your Bootea journey started!