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How Bootea's Teatox Helped Me to Maintain Weightloss

We recently launched our Bootea Blogger scheme, and our newest blogger is Lydia. 

Lydia is 33-years-old and lives in Lancashire with her fiancé, working at Holland and Barrett during the day, which is where her love for Bootea began!

Here, Lydia shares with us how our teatox has helped her to keep on track after hitting her fitness goals. 

After losing four stone (56 lbs) I was pretty determined and adamant that it would not pile it back on. I had finally found the confidence I knew I was hiding underneath all my layers! The real me as I like to say.

Around the same time I lost 'the bulk' of my weight, my fiancé and I decided to move back to the UK and settle down. I got the job I wanted at Holland and Barrett, and I’d wanted to try Bootea for some time, so you can imagine my delight when I saw Bootea Teatox on the shelves.

I was hooked!

I still love chocolate (and no one deserves no chocolate in their life) and my sweet treats. But now, one of the only major differences is I have Bootea Teatox every day. The Teatox has actually helped me curb some of the sweet cravings I used to get, which comes in very handy in the evening times when my sugar urges reach their peak!

It also has given me a flatter stomach. I never feel bloated anymore. That was one of the first things I noticed after having Bootea for the first time.

I also find myself with countless amounts of energy, which I love. Before Bootea when I was big, I still had my bubbly personality but now I feel like I have more enthusiasm and zest for life. The other major difference in my diet is less carbs.

Here are a few tips I swear by: 

1. Work your cheat days around your Bootea night time tea days (to be consumed every other day)

I have a 'cheat day' once every 1-2 weeks and Bootea makes me feel like I almost don't have any! It gives me the opportunity to satisfy any carb craving I might have. Whether that’s pasta or pizza, on these cheat days thanks to Bootea I don't feel the guilt but actually feel happy. I can enjoy eating out with my friends, family and fiancé. I take the night-time Bootea and by morning there is no bloat, I don't feel sluggish or lethargic. 

2. Only have complex carbohydrates once or twice a day.

I never have carbs with my evening meals and never at night. I do eat at night but only protein based foods and snacks. Less carbs alongside plenty of protein, vegetables and my favourite: salads. I don't know how people cannot have a little munch before bed.

3. Everyone says it, but it's true...exercise.

I absolutely hated even contemplating doing any sort of physical activity before. But during the weight loss period I had come to thoroughly enjoy gym classes. I feel it gives me a feeling like nothing else has given me, a release from stress, the rush of endorphins and that proud feeling! I don't overdo it either, I work my gym days around my days off from work so go 2-3 times a week.

I can honestly say Bootea has made my healthy lifestyle go as smooth as can be, and allowed me to still enjoy one of my favourite parts of life: food!

My day usually consists of the following:

10am: Wake up (I never do early shifts at work!) and have my morning Bootea in my favourite mug.
11am: Breakfast – I always have Porridge. My favourite toppings include chopped dates, omega sprinkle (which includes pumpkin seeds, linseed and sunflower seeds), 1/3 scoop of chocolate protein, honey, matcha or supergreens. I love porridge as it fills me up perfectly until lunch. The complex carbohydrates feed my body with a slow and steady flow of energy it is also my first carb of the day.
1pm: Lunch – If I'm on a short shift (3-5 hours) I have the chocolate flavoured Bootea shake. This contains enough protein to keep me full. If I'm on a longer shift (6-8 hours) I meal prep a tasty tuna salad the night before. I will always include a wholemeal pitta bread, relish and sometimes half an avocado. For me this contains the perfect ratio of protein, carbs and fat. This is my second and last carb of the day. 
6pm: After Work Snack – A cold pressed fruit bar or low carb/sugar protein bar. I usually eat this on my walk home from work, which is also 25 mins of exercise.
7pm: Evening Meal – Protein and veg, veg, veg! I love chicken and have this most days whether it's been grilled, roasted, slow cooked or baked. Other days I'll have a salmon darne or veggie sausages. The other half of my plate is purely vegetables. I love mostly green veg – broccoli and spinach being my favourite. On the days I don't have veg I have a side salad.
9pm: Evening Snack – Low-fat / fat-free yoghurt. I cannot live without my yoghurts; chocolate, toffee and fruity ones, they all satisfy my super sweet tooth. If I feel one isn't enough I have two!
10pm: Night-time Bootea. I've experimented with a few different times but I've found 10pm is perfect for me.
Before Bed: I love a midnight snack. (I am a night owl!) My favourites being apple slices with crunchy peanut butter, banana with peanut butter, small protein shake or any fruit chopped up in yoghurt.

On my two days off work I will do a gym session for a maximum of 1.5 hours. I always eat something within 30 mins after exercise, my absolute favourite being Bootea Pop! and a protein shake.

Cheat day: once every 2 weeks.

If, like Lydia you want to become a Bootea Blogger, find out more information here.

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