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Bootea Travel Cup
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Bootea Travel Cup - Bootea Bootea Travel Cup - Bootea Bootea Travel Cup - Bootea
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Bootea Travel Cup
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Bootea Travel Cup

  • Splash-proof cup with a sealable lid
  • Your KeepCup is made to last; we believe in having few, high quality things and using them well.
  • Made with 100% recycled materials

100% Natural

4.8/5 Star Rating

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Bootea Travel Cup

The perfect way to drink Bootea on the go. The splash-proof cup with a sealable lid is the perfect size for cup holders & made from non-toxic, recyclable materials.

Take your teatox with you on the go. The perfect size to fit in your car cupholder so you can enjoy your Bootea on the morning commute to leave you feeling energised and motivated to tackle the day ahead.

What it's made from

Nutrition Facts

12oz/340ml - I'm a polypropylene cup with a BPA/BPS free lid and 100% recyclable at the end of my life.
I'm lightweight and unbreakable.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Bootea taste like?

We've spent £millions and over 8 years developing an all-natural tea that tastes delicious and is loved by millions, worldwide. We offer a full money-back guarantee* if you are not entirely satisfied. 

How much is shipping?

Simply add your chosen product to your basket and enter your delivery details to the checkout, we will then show you the delivery price. Normally it's FREE!

Does Bootea contain added laxatives?

In short, no. We do not add laxatives.


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