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Spicing Things Up! 6 Easy Ways to Get Out of Your Fitness Rut

Workout ruts suck. It’s as simple as that. Pounding the same old treadmill, listening to the same old tracks, and not really seeing any new results… Eugh, all that’s enough to put even the most dedicated gym bunny right off her running.

Luckily, we’ve listed seven easy ways to spice things up, so you can start seeing results once more. These fun tips will stop that workout from feeling like exactly that - hard work and help you learn to love the gym again.

1. Find a fitspo pro

We’ve started here because it’s easy. You don’t even have to go out to the gym – just head over to Google and get yourself a ‘fitspiration professional’. Follow a few fitness experts on social media to see who you like the look of, then take it a step further by trying out their tips at home. Experimenting with a workout from someone new will have you testing your body with new moves and techniques – and seeing their super fit photos daily is a sure-fire way to boost motivation.

Our favs? Cardiff-based personal trainer, Anna Reich, ballerina Mary Helen Bowers and founder of the Little Black Dress Club, Katie Bulmer-Cooke.

2. Treat yourself to some new trainers

If you’ve found yourself stuck (Still flicking through MHB’s beautiful shots at the ballet barre?) then you need more motivation. And what better way to motivate yourself than buying brand new gym gear? There’s some super cool ranges out there at the moment, so why not deck yourself out in Ivy Park and hit the gym looking like a total hottie?

3. HIIT it!

High-intensity interval training is all the rage right now, and for really good reason. You don’t even have to book a class to try it out – just add intervals to your regular workout to boost your stamina and burn more calories. If you’ve gotten used to a regular pace, mix it up with short 30- to 60-second bursts of high intensity. Then drop back down to your standard pace and repeat the pattern for maybe five to 15 times throughout your workout. Pretty soon you’ll feel the burn!

Running? If you always jog on the treadmill at around seven mph, try lifting the incline slightly and sprinting for up to one minute. We’d say don’t forget to take your regular-paced ‘breaks’, but don’t worry – you definitely won’t forget!

4. Take it outside

So, if you’re a serious elliptical-addict, heading outside for a workout can seem intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t even think of it as an outdoor workout, just grab your (new?) trainers and head out the door. Try a walk around the park, or a YouTube yoga session in the back garden. You’d be surprised at how good the sun beating down on you can feel – and how motivational it can be. Plus, the change of scenery will stimulate your senses, making even the same old moves seem new, different and more challenging.

5. Turn up the music!

This one’s easy – and a sure-fire way to shake up your workout up a little. Create yourself a new playlist of summery songs or golden oldies that you’ve always loved. Go wild and add anything with an upbeat tempo to encourage you to keep pushing your body throughout a workout. Research has actually proven that songs with 120 to 140 BPM (that’s beats per minute!) can increase stamina and the effectiveness of your workout. Ministry of Sound albums, here we come!

6. Try something new

Ok, so it’s totally cliché, but trying something new is the best (and most obvious!) way of breaking your workout rut. Why not book a class with a friend, or sign up for some sort of race or marathon? A different type of exercise will benefit both mind and body, as it’ll stimulate new muscle groups and challenge you mentally. Force yourself out of your comfort zone and try your hand at something exotic and out of the ordinary.

Our favs? Belly dancing, tai chi or even trapeze. You might even find a new hobby!

Kiss goodbye to that rut!

Basically, the best way to break out of workout rut is to try new things and experiment. Don’t be afraid to mix it up! Still need inspiration? Check out our expertly designed fitness plan for a whole bunch of snazzy ideas, including cardio, HIIT and strength-training. Enjoy!

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