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Introducing Bootea Rewards

We know what you've been thinking - wouldn't it be great if I got rewarded every time I purchased my favourite Bootea products? Well, we've listened, and Bootea Rewards is here!

Just like leading supermarket loyalty schemes, our brand new rewards scheme will give you points every time you make a purchase but with Bootea Rewards, you can also gain points by referring a friend, liking us on Facebook and even by having a birthday! 

For every £1 you spend you gain 1 point, but you can gain even more points in a much easier way:

  • Share Bootea on Twitter - 50 points
  • Share Bootea on Facebook - 50 points
  • Review a product - 100 points
  • Follow us on Instagram - 100 points
  • Sign up - 200 points
  • Celebrate a birthday - 200 points
  • Refer a friend - 500 points

Every 100 points gives you £1 off, so if you do all of the above, you'll have £10 off your next order before you've even had a birthday!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and immediately earn 200 points just for signing up!

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