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How to Love Your Naked Self: 6 Ways to Boost Body Confidence

Boost your body confidence

Beach-body ready? Pffft.

It’s not up to someone else to tell us when we’re ready to don a bikini and head for the nearest beach, but we get it – sometimes it can be daunting. Especially if you’ve fallen off the wagon a few times, failed to give up wine or just generally not been feeling your most bootylicious self as of late.

But, with a few simple tips and tricks, you can totally boost your body confidence without even really thinking about it. It’s all about learning to love yourself naked.

From psychologists to nutritionists, stylists to yes, even nudists – everyone has their own little life-hacks that help them feel hotter in the buff. We’ve compiled a list of our faves, so here’s 6 ways to boost your body confidence – even after the bikini’s come off.

Boost your body confidence

1. Find one thing you truly love about yourself.

Everybody has something, so find yours - and make sure you damn well don’t forget it. By focusing on a part of yourself that you feel positive about, you’ll soon start to feel more accepting of the rest.

The minute you find yourself thinking ‘Ugh, I hate my skin’, counteract it by throwing yourself a compliment. ‘Oooh, I’ve got such a lovely waist/face/smile/brain’ or something like that. Anything you love will do just the trick.

Boost your body confidence

2. Seek out some body-loving endorphins… Exercise.

Whether it’s walking to work once a week, or hitting the gym hard before you go home, exercise does boost body confidence. Working out will obviously make your body more healthy, lean and toned in the long-run… But even before then, it’ll make a difference short-term.

After just half an hour of working up a sweat, your body will release endorphins, including the feel-good ‘love’ hormone serotonin. And if your brain is producing more love, what better direction to send it in than the way of your naked body? You deserve it, after all.

Regular exercise will also make you feel appreciative of your body, physically. You’ll be less likely to look at your arms and hate how chunky they are, but notice how much stronger they’re becoming. A healthy body is a blessing, and there’s nothing like a heart-pumping, sweat-dripping 45 minutes of Zumba to help remind you of that.

Boost your body confidence

3. Surround yourself with body-positive people.

It’s true, misery does love company. And so do negativity, uncertainty and insecurity. If you’re best friends with a total babe who constantly disses her own body, it’s highly likely that she’s subconsciously making you feel crap too.

Don’t let other people’s self-hate rub off on you. Next time someone close to you brings up a body hang-up, tell them why they should learn to love and accept it. Throw a compliment their way too. You’ll soon feel the positive vibes surround you both, because helping others with their confidence will help you too.

Boost your body confidence

4. Get out of your own head.

You know that person that never asks you how your weekend was? Well, that’s probably down to insecurity. This isn’t about poor people-skills, but considering (not overthinking) how others perceive you. Be interested, rather than trying to be interesting.

Focusing on other people, instead of yourself or how you look, will naturally make you feel more at ease, and therefore more confident. When people are interested in others, you can see the confidence radiating from them – and if you practice this during the day, it’ll automatically apply at night – or whenever the clothes come off.

Boost your body confidence

5. Light some candles and get in front of the mirror.

Now you’ve got your positive-thinking head on, it’s time to check yourself out. Most women who aren’t confident with their bodies do tend to try and avoid the mirror – especially naked. But actually, the more you get to know your body and get used to the (beautiful) naked sight of it, your personal perceptions will change… And the more body confident you will become.

If you feel uncomfortable being naked in front of the mirror, start small by going topless. And don’t think you have to stand and stare – why not do your hair and make-up in your birthday suit? Having something else to concentrate on will help you get used to the sight of a nudey you.

Oh, and the candles are just as much for creating a romantic ‘love your body’ atmosphere as they are for providing totally flattering lighting. Probably not great for hairspray or accurate lip-liner though – be warned.

Boost your body confidence

6. And lastly, when you’re not wearing anything else, always wear a smile.

It’s a proven, scientific fact that forcing a smile can trick your brain into thinking you feel happy. No one knows why, but our facial expressions do have influence over our emotions; they communicate our state of mind, not only to others but also to ourselves.

Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it girls, so get your kit off and give yourself a smile – and see your body confidence soar.

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