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Benefits of Our Delicious Fruity Teatoxes 😋

As well as being a more delicious alternative to green tea, fruit tea has loads of incredible benefits, which is why this year, we launched our delicious limited edition Fruity Teatox range.

Our Fruity Teatox comes in two flavours; sunshine berry or mojito – which is great as it means I can get that Friday night mojito fix all week long without the guilt (and without the hangover).

With our fruity teatox you’re getting all the benefits of our multi award-winning Teatox but this time with a refreshing fruity twist, leaving you motivated to reach your goals.

I've been drinking our fruity teatox for a while now and here are my fave things about it…

Curbs the sugary drink cravings

At Bootea, we always recommend that you have a healthy diet and exercise alongside our Teatoxes, and fruity teas are a great sugary drink replacement, so if you’re a sucker for a lemonade in the afternoon like I am, treat yourself to a fruity tea instead. I promise, it’s delicious!

Energy boost

With its natural fruits and natural flavours, the fruity teatox leaves you feeling refreshed and energised to tackle the day ahead...even Mondays! High in Vitamin C, fruit teas can help you boost your immune system and fight off any nasties before the dreaded lurgy manifests itself! 


I don’t know about you, but I have been drinking green tea for some time now, and this fruity twist is a welcome change. Sometimes green tea can get a little “samey” but the stronger, more sugary taste in our fruity teatox never gets boring. It’s refreshingly light, and the Manuka honey and almond bedtime tea is delicious too!

High in vitamins

As well as the benefits of our normal teatox, you’re also getting the added benefits of vitamins from the fruits we have used. Our carefully selected ingredients have been chosen to ensure you are left satisfied and refreshed after every cup of tea you drink.

Our fruity teas can be enjoyed hot or cold - if you're an iced tea fan, why not cool your freshly brewed tea down with ice and enjoy it cold? 

Want to give our limited edition fruity teatox a whirl? Well this is your lucky month – throughout August our limited edition flavours are 25% off, meaning they start at just £14.99.

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