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Are You Gym-phobic? How to Get Fit Without Actually Going

You probably don’t need us to ask you. If you’re gym-phobic, it’s highly likely that you damn well know it.

Typical symptoms include total fear of the elliptical machine, lost keys, kit or phone (basically anything that’ll stop you going) and sudden bouts of mystery illness when it’s time to head out the door. Thought of the treadmill make you feel sick? You’re not alone my friend.

It doesn’t necessarily mean we’re lazy. Working out in the gym can be boring, repetitive, uninspiring and sometimes, just plain smelly. But – as with anything that involves avoiding exercise – there is an answer. In fact, there’s loads. Here’s a list of them – fun activities that’ll get you fit, without ever actually stepping foot in a gym. Hooray!

The internet is your friend…

Yes, it taught you that cronuts are a thing. Sure, it’s stolen hours from your life through Netflix and YouTube make-up tutorials. But the internet is your friend, and it can do wonders when it comes to upping your fitness game.

First stop – search for some online yoga tutorials.

Yoga on YouTube

There are hundreds of yoga classes available for free on YouTube. Depending on your ability you can choose beginner, intermediate or advanced levels, and slowly work your way up through the ranks. You might have to hunt for a while to find an instructor from the UK, but if you enjoy a Californian twang and an enviable beach setting, there’s loads available.

Yoga is calming, soothing and great for flexibility. It’s also fantastic for winding down after a day at work. Not got a mat? Who cares – no one is watching. Try it on a towel (make sure you’re on carpet!) and if you love it, order yourself one online. You can pick them up fairly cheaply for around £7. That’s less than two local classes, and you didn’t even have to leave the house!

How else can the internet help?

Go For It on GroupOn

Online deal sites like Groupon often offer great deals on local activities, and most of the time it’ll be stuff you’ve never even considered adding into your fitness routine! Search locally for offers on yoga classes, rock climbing, horse-riding and even sailing lessons. Taking advantage of these deals is a great way to try something new and keep your workouts exciting.

If you round up a few friends it’ll be cheaper (and less scary!) than going on your own, and you never know you might discover something you all love! Squad snowboarding sessions at your local centre? Why not!

Getting fit at home…

This one’s a good one for time-saving. Why not make housework work for you?

Clean and Press – But Not as You Know It!

No need for a barbell here, this type of clean and press has no place in a Body Pump class! We’re talking about actual cleaning (and ironing if you’ve got a pile!).

The trick to turning your daily cleaning chores into a proper workout to focus on the ones that require the most movement – like hoovering or scrubbing the shower. Have you thought about cleaning to music? Grab your trainers and give it your all – throwing in squats and lunges wherever you’ve got the space. By tackling your chores with a little extra effort, you’ll be burning a gym-worthy number of calories. And the house will be spotless when you’re done!


How else can I avoid the gym?

Head Out the Door… Anywhere!

Whether or not it’s a walk, a run or even a hike up/around/across the nearest natural beauty spot… Getting out the door will do you a world of good. The scenery and feeling of accomplishment after a long hike are so much better and more rewarding than an afternoon at the gym. Live near the beach? Take a walk along the sands. Depending on the time of year you might even be brave enough for a swim!

If that’s pushing it, there’s nothing stopping you from talking a walk. Put on your trainers and sprint to the shop – you can reward yourself with a healthy treat when you get there, and enjoy a leisurely walk home afterwards.

Why Not Try a Team?

If dragging yourself to the gym is a bigger struggle than dragging yourself out of bed on a Monday, something’s gotta give. So how about signing up to a local sports club? There’s bound to be a bundle of teams in your area for different sports like hockey and netball. Do your research and see if any catch your eye.

Don’t be put off by lack of experience – these teams welcome newcomers of all abilities… You might just have to be on the bench for a while… but only during league games!

These types of sports literally make working out into a game, so not only will you get your heart rate up and burn calories, you’ll have a good time whilst doing so. You’ll also meet a brand new group of friends and open up a whole new chapter to your social life. Win win!

How else do you avoid the gym? Don’t forget to share your active snaps on social – you’ll find us at , on Twitter @BooteaUK or on Insta - @BooteaUK! See you there!

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