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Five ways to stay in shape over Christmas

We know how hard it is to stick to your usual fitness routine over the Christmas period, especially with the temptation of alcohol, Christmas dinner and of course all those Christmas treats. Here are our top tips to stay fit and in a routine without missing out on all the fun!


Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated throughout the festive period is critical especially before a big event. Water will help mitigate the delirious effects of alcohol, as well as squash any cravings.

Watch out for liquid calories

Calories can add up especially when it comes to drinking alcohol. It’s best to avoid mixers and stick to clean spirits or a few glasses of red wine.

Don't skip meals

One of the worst things you can do is skip a meal as it only leads to temptation. Focus on protein and fiber intake to ensure you’re not tempted by other foods when you’re out.

Train hard

No matter how busy you get over the festive period, training should be your number one priority. Whether it’s in or out of the gym, the main thing is that it’s done.

Plan ahead

One big factor when it comes to staying fit over Christmas is to always plan ahead. Train a little harder the day before a big event, that way you can enjoy yourself without feeling guilty.

How else do you stay in shape over the Christmas period? Don’t forget to share your active snaps on social – you’ll find us at , on Twitter @BooteaUK or on Insta - @BooteaUK! See you there!

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