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5 Tasty Toppings to Try On Your Little Oats

5 Tasty Toppings you should try on your Little Oats - Bootea

Say good morning to these gorgeous Little Oats…

If you’re just starting out your quest to a balanced lifestyle, you might be finding it hard to keep nutritional meals exciting – especially when it comes to breakfast time.

It’s early, you’re late, and it’s all too tempting to grab a crumpet on your way out the door - or even worse, simply starve until lunchtime. But let’s be honest, that’s no fun. And it’s no good for you either.

This one’s for all you healthy-eating rookies out there… Say good morning to a gorgeous bowl of Bootea’s Little Oats.

Oats to answer all of your morning needs

Jam-packed with nutrients, these super special oats are made up of a unique blend of chia seeds, goji berries, linseed and matcha. High in fibre and fuelled with protein, these babies keep the body running like a well-oiled machine all day long; eliminating those pesky cravings for a mid-morning chocolatey snack.

Porridge is the perfect way to start your day – but it gets a bad rep for being a little boring. Alas, it’s also no secret that we can get tired of the same old-same old, we’re only human after all, and so, with that in mind, we’ve listed a few little liveners that’ll give a boost to your bowl.

These sweet and savoury toppings can be used to jazz up your porridge, setting you up for the daily grind. Here’s our top 5 faves – try them on your Little Oats and don’t forget to post your porridge pics on Insta with the hashtag, #LittleOats.

Go bananas

Rich in potassium, the nation’s favourite fruit is a strong contender as the world’s most wonderful topping.

Bananas help to level blood pressure, keeping the body in perfect equilibrium. As well as being high in functional soluble fibre, bananas are certain to satisfy your hunger needs – their slow-release carbs will allow your body to gentle release insulin, keeping you full whilst burning fat.

Not only are bananas readily available year-round, they are fairly inexpensive – so bananas are a top topping if you’re on a budget.

Bananas - Bootea

Or crazy for cacao

It’s a trend that has gripped the globe, and for good reason. Dark chocolate is no longer a naughty indulgence, but a healthy, celebrated snack food.

Much lower in sugar than its milk and white counterparts, it’s higher in anti-oxidants than red wine and green tea. Who would have thought that chocolate would overtake green tea on the nutrients spectrum? No one saw that one coming.

Here’s the bad news – don’t rush to sprinkle handfuls of dark chocolate buttons over your breakfast. Choose organic cacao nibs or powder, available from large supermarkets or your local health food store.  A kilo of cacao can be quite pricey, but it’s a perfect means to switch up an otherwise dull morning. And a bag that big will last for ages.

Spice up your life

“Spices? In porridge?” We hear you cry. While this may well be of slight controversy, this combo will 100% transform your previously poor-porridge-performance.

Which ones work well? Dependent on personal preference, we recommended combining cinnamon, cardamom and ground nutmeg; the holy grail of all that is spice.

For a tantalizing taste bud experience, this royal family of spices is a dead-cert to literally spice up your morning. And to completely blow your mind, why not add a little grated raw carrot? This topping will totally make your breakfast taste just like a sumptuous slice of carrot cake, minus the guilt.

Berries - Bootea

Be berry beautiful

The craze of the summer berry is back. Supermarkets everywhere boast aisle upon aisle jam-packed full of the colourful beauties. Right now, British berries are in prime season, so let’s make the most of it and brighten up our bowls.

Low in fructose, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries act as a perfect topping for your Little Oats. Perfect for all of you sweet-toothed girls and guys out there, adding berries is a healthy way of getting that hit of sweetness in the morning.

Can’t survive without a sugar rush? Adding berries, ground almonds and a sprinkle of coconut is a great way to banish the urge, helping you put down the sugar spoon.

Sweet potato… Say it again?

We know. How controversial. Veggies are almost unheard of as a topping for porridge, but it’s about time that we gave them a chance by bringing them into the breakfast mix.

Starchy veggies in particular pack a powerful nutritional punch. Sweet potatoes contain over 400% of our daily vitamin A in-take, all in just one spud.

Pre-cook and mash some pumpkin, squash or sweet potato until you have a paste. Then gently stir through your oats. This prep can be done the night before too, simply warm up and add a sprinkle of cinnamon for a tasty, hearty flavour.

Once you’ve tried your Little Oats, you’ll probably find them flavoursome and creamy enough without any additions – even milk. This is thanks to the goji berries and chia seeds, so it’s completely normal for your taste buds to feel satisfied even without any toppings.

But, if you ever do want to switch up your morning routine slightly, these are the most nutritional suggestions, designed to keep you energised for whatever activities your day may hold. Have we forgotten your favourite topping? Let us know and you could make it onto our next list!

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