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4 Benefits of Coffeetox

Coffeetox is here! We’ve just launched our amazing new detox coffee, and it’s set to be the perfect addition to your healthy morning routine.

So what are the benefits of drinking Coffeetox every day? How does it differ from a regular old cup of coffee? Let’s break it down…

Your daily detox drink

As the name suggests, Coffeetox is the perfect way to kick-start a detox. Our unique herbal blend contains fennel, which is a cleansing powerhouse. It helps rid the body of toxins, and it aids digestion, so it’s great if you experience bloating. Regular coffee doesn’t offer any of these benefits – so it’s already Coffeetox 1 – Cup o’ Joe 0!

Bursting with antioxidants

Coffeetox is packed with antioxidants, thanks to active ingredients like Matcha, ginseng and yerba mate. Where do we start with the benefits of antioxidants? They can contribute towards glowing skin, fight inflammation, improve cognitive health and even strengthen your hair! Does your regular cup of coffee do that?

Energy boost

Yes, Coffeetox contains a lively helping of caffeine, which can help you kick-start your day the right way. The caffeine can be found directly from our Brazilian roast coffee beans, as well as from guarana – a natural source of caffeine. Caffeine can give you a great energy boost, as well as temporarily boosting cognitive performance – making Coffeetox the perfect morning treat if you have a big presentation, interview or exam coming up.


Perhaps one of the best things about Coffeetox is that it’s super convenient. Our powerful detox coffee comes in individual 8g bags, so you don’t need any fancy filters or expensive equipment to enjoy your Coffeetox. The bags contain perfect portions, so you’ll never have too much or too little – and you can brew the drink to your own tastes, whether you like your coffee weak or strong. In short, Coffeetox offers total control and convenience!

Coffeetox is available right now from – get your 14-Day pack now and start your detox!

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