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You have a free and personalised calorie counting device - use it to lose weight!

A massive reason for weight gain is people eating too much, simple as. For example, in a lot of restaurants food portions have doubled and sometimes tripled over the last 20 years so it’s no wonder this attitude is seeping into our normal everyday eating habits.

Losing weight is a simple equation: calories in vs. calories out. Eat more calories than you burn, and you gain weight. Eat fewer calories than you burn and you lose weight.

It may seem like a mountain to climb to control your portion sizes but it isn’t that difficult, we promise. Get rid of the hassle of counting calories using scales, cups and apps and simply use your hand. Your fist, palm, thumb and cupped hand are all personalised for your body size and can all be used as simple tools to control your portion sizes. And what’s good is you can take it anywhere with you so you always know what you should be eating!

Here's how to measure your intake of certain food groups:

  • Your palm defines your protein portions.
  • Your fist defines your veggie portions.
  • Your cupped hand defines your carbohydrate portions.
  • Your thumb defines your fat portions. 

Here’s an overview of how to use your calorie control device for each meal:

You now know how to count your calories with ease, so, you're halfway there, now you just have to chose healthy foods to eat! Follow our free eating plan on our website during your teatox to help you chose healthy options.

Once you've got into the habit of eating healthy foods in correct portion sizes, it will come so naturally to you! Enjoy this journey to your healthy lifestyle and spread the word of the free calorie counting device!


The Bootea Team xx


The Bootea Bedtime Cleanse – Helping Get Rid Of The Stuff That’s Better Out Than In!

So the Bootea morning detox has given you a boost, packed your body with lots of vitamins and minerals and shown lots of nasty toxins the door. The job of the Bootea bedtime cleanse is to open it. The digestive system is over six meters long, which is more than 6 times the distance from your mouth to your lower regions. That means there are loads of twists and turns your food has to navigate and plenty of places where waste can get stuck. The Bootea bedtime cleanse has a laxative effect. There, we said it, but all that means is that it stimulates your bowel movements and when used in moderation helps give your pipes a good clean.

Now there are a few key things you must do when using the bedtime cleanse to make sure it works safely and effectively. Only use the product every other evening as specified. It’s a powerful blend of ingredients and using it more often than this is going to do more harm than good, getting rid of things you want in your body as well as things you don’t. The other important thing to remember is to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water gives the toxins a vessel to leave your system whilst ensuring your body maintains the optimum fluid levels. So now we’ve tackled the big taboo, lets get stuck in to the nitty gritty.

Imagine your stomach’s having a car-boot sale. Your organs are the first ones there and have picked over all the good stuff, leaving all the tat that is absolutely worthless. It just so happens that this is exactly the sort of thing that gets the attention of the senna leaf and the psyllium seed. They are the key ingredients that produce the laxative effect and stop your body taking that tat home and letting it clutter the place up. Senna leaves contain chemicals called sennosides that react with the lining of the bowels and help stimulate movement. They are completely natural and combat constipation to ensure the toxins we want to get rid of don’t over stay their welcome and continue their journey down and out. The main benefit of the psyllium seed comes from its fibrous properties, helping to remove the waste that has built up in the digestive system. It is also believed to help reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood as well as lowering your blood sugar.

The peppermint leaf and licorice root are the ying to the first two ingredients yang. They counteract some of their laxative promoting properties to soothe your digestive system and help combat any irritation you might feel. The peppermint leaf has also been shown to support liver function, increasing bile flow which helps break down fats and lower cholesterol.

The Bootea bedtime cleanse doesn’t just kick stuff out, it also supports the daytime detox by shoehorning more good stuff in. The mighty fenugreek seed packs a vitamin and mineral punch whilst acting as a lubricant to aid movement through your bowels. It also helps to suppress your appetite, stopping you giving in to temptation and sneaking any treats before bed that won’t have the chance to be burnt off.

Burdock root makes bacteria and impurities in the blood very nervous. It can be found in numerous herbal remedies due to the positive impact it is thought to have on fighting infections and germs. It is also a good source of potassium, an important component to help control your heart rate and blood pressure.

Hawthorne leaves are another ingredient that want to keep your heart happy and when your heart’s happy the chances are the rest of you is as well. They are used to treat a variety of problems due to the belief that they can help increase the amount of blood pumped out of the heart, widen the blood vessels and improve the transmission of nerve signals. It seems to also lower the accumulation of fats in the liver and the aorta (the largest artery in the body).

All these ingredients are going in to your body just before you go to bed so it’s safe to say your insides are going to be busy while you’re trying to get a good nights sleep. It’s a bit of a conundrum but don’t worry, it’s one we’ve solved. Valerian root is used around the world as an aid to help sleep disorders because of its sedative-like effects on the brain, allowing you to get a good forty winks and make sure you’re ready to attack your next training session.

That’s everything we’ve stuck in the Bootea bedtime cleanse, eight ingredients in a teabag shaped like a pyramid, but it doesn’t perform miracles and it won’t get you to where you want to be without some serious effort. What it will do is prepare and support your body through your new, healthy lifestyle if you choose to embrace it. So stick the kettle on and while you’re waiting why not hold on to the edge of your worktop and do some squats?

November 24, 2013

The Bootea Day Time Detox – Why Is It Good For Me?

When used in tandem with exercise and a healthy, balanced diet Bootea is an aid to weight loss but it also gets to work on your insides and we’re going to tell you how and why! Over the next few weeks we’re going to dissect each of our products and tell you a bit of the sciency stuff behind all our ingredients.

People want to look good. It’s human nature. But looking good on the outside doesn’t always mean that everything is fine and dandy on the inside. In fact, being too skinny can be just as bad for you as being overweight; starving your body of vital vitamins and minerals that it needs to function properly and make sure the stuff under the bonnet is ticking over nicely.

Everyones system does things differently; from the way they flush out nasty chemicals and toxins to the stuff they leave lingering behind and just because they’re not the parts of you that make you unhappy when you look in the mirror, it doesn’t mean they’re not having an effect on your wellbeing.

Bootea is a blend of a number of ingredients. Now we know what you’re thinking. A ‘blend’ is just a sneaky way of saying we’ve put things in there that shouldn’t be. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every single piece of the Bootea puzzle is 100% natural and it’s in there because it does an important job.

There are two reasons why Chinese Oolong tea was at the top of our ingredients list. Now we’ve all heard about antioxidants and how chuffing good they are, but what do they actually do? We’re glad we asked. Oxidation can start a reaction that damages cells and can cause problems with a variety of areas from the brain to the immune system. Antioxidants help stop the process and keep oxidation in check!

Oolong tea also has the ability to aid weight loss and help keep your heart healthy. It contains polyphenol, which activates the enzyme that is responsible for dissolving triglyceride, increasing your metabolism, lowering cholesterol and giving fat absorption the finger- is there anything it can’t do? Well it can’t ride a bike. Because it’s a tea leaf.

Now it’s time to welcome ginger root and fennel seeds to the Bootea party. These little troopers are here to make sure your digestive system is running at terminal velocity. Fennel seeds are packed full of vitamins A,E and C and are a great source of dietary fiber, ensuring water is absorbed throughout the digestive system, easing constipation.

If ginger root were on mastermind its specialist subject would be soothing your digestive system. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties help keep the stomachs delicate balance on an even keel. Along with the fennel seed it also helps stop the noises coming out of your lower regions that you might usually blame the dog for making.

Ginseng root and Gotu kola leaves are the fatigue fighting, wonder herbs! They’re the reason the voice in your head saying “give the gym a miss tonight” is a little bit quieter than it was before, boosting your energy levels and making the thought of physical exertion less exerting.

One of the main worries for people is the topic of Bootea’s diaurtetic properties. This is because of the inclusion of lemongrass, but don’t go thinking taking it's like setting a bomb off in your bowels. Lemongrass is believed to gently purify your liver, kidneys, bladder and digestive track, removing excess water and fats that it finds and showing them the downstairs door. The reason we tell you to be careful is because as we said before, everyone can react differently to different ingredients and we don’t want you to be caught short.

The final ingredients to get the golden tickets to the Bootea day time detox party are the dandelion leaf, gingko leaf and the one that terrified most of us when we were younger, the nettle leaf. This power trio work to remove toxins and purify the blood, improving circulation and making sure your system is running like the German autobahn rather than the M25 at rush hour. They’re also packed with vitamins A,C,D and K as well as iron, zinc and calcium.

So there you have it, all the reasons we want to put this stuff in you and get you on the road to looking and feeling great. Keep checking our blog for more roundups of why all our other products will help make you feel Boo-Tea-Ful!

November 21, 2013

The Bootea Philosophy

Right now you're as young as you're ever going to be. That's a scary thought. Yet because of busy lives and hectic schedules most of us feel older than we are. Why? Because when we're trying to juggle a million and one things, the one that seems to drop first is taking care of ourselves. 

At Bootea we don't believe in fad diets, quick fixes and magic (well some of us believe in magic, just not that kind). What we believe in is a healthy lifestyle. Unlike dieting that has a set time frame and a finish line you can't wait to cross, changing your lifestyle is forever, making a whim the norm and the 'once in a blue moon' stuff something you want to do everyday. We're not saying only eat lettuce and spend six hours a night in the gym, running a marathon on the treadmill or using the rowing machine until your arms fall off. What we're saying is that the things we do wrong are obvious, we usually regret doing them as soon as they're done. Making the little changes are the things that make the biggest difference.  

If you want to improve yourself it shouldn't feel like a prison sentence and it shouldn't stop you doing the things you want to do, exactly the opposite. It should empower you to do everything you thought you never could and give you the confidence to not settle when you know deep down that you are capable of so much more. From the clothes you're too afraid to put on to trying something you never thought possible.

Now nowhere will you find us saying it will be easy. In the beginning it might be anything but. Bootea is here to kick start what could be one of the hardest things you're ever likely to do. But when we change the way we think, we change the decisions we make and we become the person we always wanted to be. No excuses and no shortcuts.

The products we offer at Bootea are there to make everything you're about to do a little less daunting. They detox your body, stopping you feeling lethargic and giving you the energy to throw on your running shoes after a tiring day. They help suppress your appetite so you only eat what you need rather than what's there and they boost your metabolism to burn fat and let your body know that you mean business.

If you know that this is something you want then do it. If you've read this and are already making excuses as to why the Bootea philosophy isn't for you then you might be right. But no matter what your shape, size or age, if you want to see a better you, there's no better time to start then right now. The Bootea team isn’t going to wish you good luck. Luck has nothing to do with it. Everything you accomplish will be because of your hard work, focus and determination. You'll have earned every change you see, that's the Bootea philosophy.