About Bootea

What does Bootea do? How does it work?

To see how Bootea works you should take a look at the 'About' section of this website where you can read all about how our tea works to aid weight loss.


What comes in the teatox pack?

Each 14day teatox pack includes:

- 14 days supply of Daytime Detox teabags.

- 7 Bedtime Cleanse tea bags (one for every other day).


What does Bootea taste like?

Personally we think the Daytime Detox tea tastes great! If you’ve never had any kind of herbal or green tea before it may be quite a change for you but you’ll soon learn to love it. It closely resembles a green tea whilst also tasting quite herbal. Aside from the flavour, you’ll love the benefits ☺!

The Bedtime Cleanse tea bags are very similar in taste and are again quite herbal (the purpose of the drink is to make you healthy remember) they taste most like a peppermint tea but they will really help with bloating and clearing out your system. After all, if anything tastes amaaaazing it usually turns out it’s not that great for your body ☹.

You can always alter the taste of the tea by adding in some natural sweeteners such as honey or lemon, these will not change the overall effects of the tea. 


How much does Bootea cost?

As for pricing, our tea costs either £19.99 for a 14 day teatox pack or £37.99 for a 28 day pack.

- Delivery within the UK is £3.99 and is delivered next working day when ordering before 3PM. 

- Delivery throughout Europe is from £5 and takes 2-5 working days

- Delivery throughout US & Canada is from £5 and takes 2-5 working days

- Delivery for the rest of the world varies depending on destination.

All shipping costs are displayed at checkout before payments is made and shipping costs will vary based on volume ordered. 

We price our tea at the best price possible considering we only use top quality, natural ingredients sourced from plantations all over the world (we have to work our socks off to get hold of some of them)!  It’s also cheaper than grabbing a tea or coffee anywhere on the high street ☺.


Does Bootea expire or 'go off'?

Tea does not expire, it is always safe to drink. However, we advise that you drink the tea when it is still fresh as not only will it taste better, the benefits will be greater too.

If you want to extend the shelf life of Bootea, the best way is to store it in an airtight container and place it in your freezer.


Are Bootea products gluten free?

Yes! All Bootea products are gluten free :)


Are Bootea products caffeine free?

Our Daytime Tea does contain a bit of caffeine. Compared to a normal cup of tea it has about 35% the amount of caffeine.
The Bedtime Cleanse is free from caffeine.


Can men use Bootea too?

Yes! Loads of men use Bootea products too!


How old do I have to be?

Bootea is for people aged 16 years and over.


During the teatox

Where are the directions for the teatox located?

Visit the section named ‘How To Use’ on our website, you will find directions for the teatox there. The back of our packaging also has some instructions for you to read over. 


Can I still eat and exercise normally during the teatox?

We would never advise for anyone to stop exercising. 

Exercise and a healthy diet is the cornerstone to a healthy body. So the answer is yes, you can still eat and exercise, we encourage you to do so ☺. 

The tea however will work to suppress you appetite so you will naturally find yourself eating less than you normally do. You will also find you have more energy during exercise or you could even increase the rate at which you exercise for maximum results. 

We recommend all customers to eat healthily during their teatox to maximise effects and to achieve the results they are looking for. 

We provide a free 'Teatox Eating Plan' to aid the detoxification and weight loss process. Click here to access it now.


Are there any side-effects of the teatox?

The only side-effects that may come from the use of Bootea are those associated with the laxative effect from the Senna Leaf found in the Bedtime Cleanse tea bags. The Daytime Detox tea is generally side effect free, however all people react differently to different things so if you have any specific allergies we suggest you take a look at the ingredients list found here.  

In regards to the laxative effect of the Bedtime Cleanse tea bags, these can include cramping and an increased frequency of visiting the bathroom but should NOT include diarrhoea, vomiting, dizziness or severe cramping - if any of these side-effects occur (depending on their intensity) adjust the strength of the Bedtime Cleanse tea bags by soaking the tea bag for less time than usual (around 30 seconds) or cease the use of the tea and consider consulting your GP. The latter are not usual reactions and could indicate an allergy to one of the ingredients in the tea.

You should assess the way your body reacts to the tea and vary the strength by soaking the tea bag for longer or shorter depending on how you feel.

The easiest way to use the Bedtime Cleanse bags is to take them at night just before bed meaning you should just go to the toilet the following morning and that’s about it. Easy peazy lemon squeezy ☺.

If you are still concerned about the effects the Bedtime Cleanse tea bags could have on your day to day routine, we suggest just waiting and using them on the weekend or a day off and see how it works for you. In the meantime just carry on with your loose leaf servings and take your laxative ones when you have the time. 


Will my teatox affect my contraceptive pill?

Yes – Bootea can affect the accuracy of the pill IF you take your pill in the morning within 4 hours of the laxative effect. If you take the pill at night you will be fine as it takes around 10 hours for the laxative effect of the night time tea bags to set in. We are sorry but we cannot comment on other forms of contraception and would ask you to consult your doctor, nurse or pharmacist with the list of our ingredients on our 'About' page.

We advise the use of condoms for the duration of your teatox. 


Can I take Bootea products is I'm conceiving, pregnant or breastfeeding?

We're afraid we can't comment on whether our products if you are conceiving, pregnant or breastfeeding. It's best to take a copy of our ingredients on our 'About' page and discuss with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist about if Bootea is suitable for you.


Can I consume alcohol during my teatox?

We don't recommend consumption of alcohol as it is full of nasty toxins and calories which we're trying to get rid of :).


Can I drink the tea cold?

Yes you can let the tea cool down and drink it, however it may not taste as nice!


Do you have any sort of diet plan I can follow during my teatox to maximise the results?

Yes we do! Click here to access our Teatox Eating Plan now!


After the teatox

Will I put the weight straight back on when I stop?

This depends. Providing you maintain a healthy diet and an active exercise regime then no, you shouldn't put the weight straight back on. Having said that, if you suddenly start binging on 3 McDonalds a day we’re afraid Bootea won’t be able to help you there! 

With diets which restrict you calorie intake, your energy levels become suppressed which in turn lowers your metabolism forcing your body to store energy as fats. 

Bootea on the other can actually increase your metabolic rate and can even continue to elevate your metabolism post teatox (this can be further extended by adding in 3-5 cups of green tea to your daily regime). 


Once I reach my goal weight can I stop?

You can stop the teatox at anytime. Obviously, the longer you go, the more weight you will lose but if you are happy with how you look and feel you can stop ay any time. If you put some weight back a little down the line you can always start another teatox ☺.


How often can I do the teatox?

This all depends how your body feels and how it reacts with the ingredients in our tea. It is fine to do the teatox twice a month (for example our 28 day teatox) and from there on in we suggest just listening to your body and going with how you feel.


What are the benefits of a Bedtime Cleanse?

Our colon cleansing Bedtime tea allows you to flush out your insides without adding anything extra to your digestive system.

A clogged or unclean colon means your body may not properly digest and absorb nutrients or effectively rid your body of waste. A lack of nutrient absorption and waste often puts extra strain on your detoxifying organs, which in turn, makes you gain weight! The only two causes of disease are toxicity and deficiency. Cleaning your body by way of detox is one of the most effective health activities you can undergo.

If you haven’t colon cleansed before, your intestines will be full of waste matter (sometimes in excess of 15 pounds), which is causing extra weight and in turn making you belly look bigger than it actually is. By giving your intestines a good thorough clean out, you will find your tummy will look flatter as a result of the reduced weight resting in your intestines. 

Drastic diets which require huge calorie deficits rarely result in long term results i.e the weight piles straight back on. Whereas cleansing and emptying your body without the need to refill it contributes to keeping unwanted weight off for good!

In addition to this, a colon cleanse flushes out all of the toxins that have been built up and stored in your body. These toxins cause water retention, when your body retains water it is more inclined to retain fat too (nobody wants that)! A colon cleanse allows your body to function more effectively by flushing out these toxins and reducing the effects the toxins have on your body (cause it to operate at a below optimum level).

By cleansing your colon, you give yourself a much better chance of fighting weight loss and keeping the weight off for good. Yay!



Where do you ship to?

- Delivery within the UK is £3.99 and is delivered next working day when ordering before 3PM. 

- Delivery throughout Europe is from £5 and takes 2-5 working days

- Delivery throughout US & Canada is from £5 and takes 2-5 working days

- Delivery for the rest of the world varies depending on destination.

All shipping costs are displayed at checkout before payments is made and shipping costs will vary based on volume ordered. 

Please note working days exclude weekends.


Can I use a forwarding shipping company (eg. Aramex)?

Unfortunately not. We cannot be responsible for packages if you send them to other shipping companies. We ship to pretty much every country in the world so there should be no need to use a forwarding company :).  



How do I set up a PayPal account?

You can set up a PayPal account for free & it's a much safer option for online money transfers…

PayPal is our preferred method of payment as it is: 

• Faster: the money goes into our account straight away so that we can begin processing your order).

• Easier: you enter in all the info we need to process your order & receive an automated confimation email.

• Safer: all your information (credit card number etc.) is stored safely and encrypted in the PayPal system to the extent that even PayPal officers cannot access your information without your permission.


I don't have PayPal! Can I pay with my card?

Yes, when you either select to 'Check out with PayPal' or 'Place your order' when paying you will see a list of forms to fill in. Simply fill in the forms with your details and click 'continue' at the bottom, you will then be prompted to enter your card details.


Paypal keeps saying there is a gateway error. What do i do?

This is something which is out of our control. Sometimes Paypal experience slight issues. If this keeps happening to you we first suggest deleting your cookies and browsing history, if this doesn't solve the problem we recommend contacting somebody at Paypal to help you.



When can I get a refund?

You can only ever get a refund when your Bootea products have not been opened or used in any way and you return it to us via the address we can give you if you request it from us. We can never refund you if your products have been opened under any circumstances. We are unable to give refunds on orders where incorrect addresses have been given.

Please note this is not a money back guarantee product.

Need more info?

Feel free to contact us if you have any other Q's once you have read the FAQ :)

- Delivery within the UK is £3.99 and is delivered next working day when ordering before 3PM. 

- Delivery throughout Europe is from £5 and takes 2-5 working days

- Delivery throughout US & Canada is from £5 and takes 2-5 working days

- Delivery for the rest of the world varies depending on destination.

All shipping costs are displayed at checkout before payments is made and shipping costs will vary based on volume ordered.