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Bootea kitchen recipe plan

Bootea Kitchen Plan
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£1.99 GBP

Working out is only about 30% of the challenge, the other 70% will come from your diet and this is where the majority of people fall down. 

This six week meal plan gives you a great guide on what to eat, drink and snack on to go alongside the workout plan. We have teemed up with fitness expert Olivia Cooney, who has a background in nutrition and has worked with some of the world’s leading health chefs, so has created you the perfect plan.

We have made a big effort to make your supermarket shop affordable, not using overly expensive meat and adding other protein options such as eggs, pulses and nuts.

With 3 meals a day, and added snacks you certainly won’t be hungry, and with the huge variety of meals and sweet treats such as the microwaved Bootea Brownie, you definitely won’t be bored!

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