Bootea Shake (Pre-order)

Pre-order this product & have it dispatched on the 11th November. Pre-ordered products will ship separately.
How I will help you:

I'm the perfect shake to help you loose weight. I'll satisfy your hunger whilst offering a delicious, natural, vitamin fuelled smoothie textured drink. I'll leave you feeling fuller, keeping your mind off snacking and helping you concentrate on more important things! Simply mix me (1 sachet of powder) with 250ml water for a gorgeous tasting mixed berry drink.


What you can expect from me:

- 14 servings of a fruity tasting, creamy shake formula with glucomannan, green tea and a vitamin B mix.

- Free from artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives. Contains Natural Flavour.

- For weight loss: Take 3 Bootea shakes per day. Can be taken as a snack replacement.

- While using Bootea shakes, we recommend drinking 1 - 3 glasses of water before meals.


When am I Delivered:

- Delivery within the UK is £3.99 and is delivered next working day when ordering before 4PM. 

- Delivery throughout Europe is from £5 and takes 2-5 working days

- Delivery throughout US & Canada is from £5 and takes 2-5 working days

- Delivery for the rest of the world varies depending on destination.

All shipping costs are displayed at checkout before payments is made and shipping costs will vary based on volume ordered. 


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